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Released, Tuesday, March 15, 2011, Why is North Carolina Considering a 140-year old  Pardon for W.W. Holden, against his wishes?

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There does appear to be "Mischief afoot" in the Geneal Assembly, and North Carolina’s General Assembly in particular.

Even against the wishes of a former 1871, N.C. Governor, W.W. Holden himself , reportedly a co-founder of the "Tar Heel Republican Party," who, according to Rob Christensen, reporting in the N & O, Tuesday, March 15, 2011, said: when others [General Assembly] had sought his pardon for having wrongly impeached him, the former Governor is quoted as saying: "...I think I did nothing in 1870 which deserved impeachment...[and]...feel that I was unjustly convicted, and to ‘ask pardon would be to confess my guilt.’ "

Personally, I’ve not asked for a pardon, I’ve asked for a letter of apology, and compensation, since the General Assembly has also sought reparation for slavery, involuntary sterilization, Actual Innocence, whistleblowing, etc.; and the News & Observer, a Daily Rag, has consummed gallons and gallons of ink in covering such stories, while ignoring particular others for political reasons.

You see, I have acknowledged my conduct, and behavior protected by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Constitution of ‘symbolically protesting’ government misconduct. In this instance a white Raleigh Police Officer, who, without probable cause, would not permit me to exercise my constitutional right to be left alone to wait on the Fayetteville Street Mall, in my car for my passenger, getting off from work on the Mall, before the mall was demolished, to obfuscate the venue where it occured to save face, and maintain federal funding for its projects.

Ironically,  Dan Blue,  and Doug Berger, liberal Democrats, are said to be "enthusiastic[ly]" backing  a measure to pardon W.W. Holden, a Republican Governor then, after 140 years; while Blue also, as the First Black Speaker of the House, supported my request to make Left-turn-on-Red legal in North Carolina writing: "...legislation permitting left turns on red in North Carolina has merit and deserves consideration..." as I made left turn on red in 1992, responding to a police officer’s blue light and siren.

Blue’s letter continued:

"I hope you will work with Representative Fussell and other members of the Wake delegation to seek introduction of such a bill in the 1993 Session."

For Dan Blue to have been the first Black Speaker of the House in the N.C. General Assembly, something's got his tongue.  He certainly has been silent to my request; Doug Berger's letter I sent came back "unable to be found, and insufficient address" though sent Certified Mail and properly addressed to him.

That's my perspective.  What's yours?

c Talk of the Town, 2011

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