Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Biased Reporting becomes evident in the N.C. D.A. Cline case

Released, Sunday. February 19, 2012, TOTT

In  reporting on the trials and tribulations of Tracey E. Cline, Durham, D.A., who has most recently had her license to practice law suspended,  the N & 0, Sunday, February 19, 2012, reports in its story:

"Cline's zeal yields trouble," and the N & O Series: "Twisted Truth" is allegedly what prompted the "State Bar to investigate Cline." 

Should that indeed be the case, it becomes evident that the "News and Disturber...er:"  Observer, aka, the
N&O,  is indeed,  biased against blacks in its reporting of news worthy events;  that is, unless however,  evidence reveals the bias, and racism by whites against some minority. 

Interestingly, the Publisher, Orage Quarels is black, and was made the publisher here having come from California.   The first black publisher of the paper.  However, many view him as a figurehead. 

While it's true blacks are involved in a high ratio of crimes than are other races, they are selectively reported upon negatively, as I see it.

Consider that constituents seeking aide of their Representative in the N.C. General Assembly, and whose members often gravitate to the Judiciary, the Office of the Attorney General, the governor's Mansionor in the courts, the N & O--it appears--is without the necessary independence, integrity, and commitment to its purpose as the voice of the Underdog--for why else would the fomer publisher [Fred Crisp] have been an appointed member of the Open Meetings and Record Law Committee in the N.C. General Assembly.

Thus the N & O becomes completely oblivious to the tenets of its founder, and the sunshine Laws upon which they claim to be unveiling.

For example, in one such case, neither the Judicial Standards commission, the N.C. Representative, nor the N.C. Bar intervened to redress one citizen's claim against a white police officer, a white prosecutor, and white Judge, or two governors of the abridgement of First Amendment, Free Speech, Civil rights under the U.S. and State Consitution of one citizen, even after another local "rag" reported that a citizen running for N.C. House Seat 35, in 2002, was not a" ...serious candidate" because he had spent 10 years seeking the redress.

The redress of a guaranteed right that Representative, Deborah Ross, Esq., the former Executive Director of the N.C. ACLU; and former N.C. Public Defender, Bryan Collins, Esq., and who is now seeking election as a N.C. judge, [sworn to uphold the Constitution].  Each were aware, as well as the Chief U.S. District Judge Terrence Boyle.  [5:04-MC-6], 2/25/04 of the abridgement, abuse, and rights violation, and did nothing, or in the case of Terrence Boyle, and Donald Overby, a Wake County Superior Court Judge ruled contrary to the Rule of Law.

To answer the U.S.A. today's question in the forum, June 8, 2011: "Have the newspapers  fogotten the 'Little guy' ?"  Yes, and proven to be biased as well!

That's my perspective.  What's yours?