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Hypocrisy of the N.C. NAACP

Released, Thursday, January 13, 2011: NAACP concerns are misplaced

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The day after President Obama addressed the Nation from Arizona in a Memorial Service for the attack on their local Congressman and other innocent members of the community, the Daily Dispatch of Henderson, N.C. screamed--not outrage for the attack, or the obvious politicking of the tragedy by President Obama--In my opinion--but instead--the following headline and story:  "Bank bag: NAACP wants answers. [The bank bag disappeared from the tax office December 17, 2009.], and yet to be found.

Now wait just a minute. The letters: N-A-A-C-P stands for National Association for the Advance of Colored People. They did represent N & O Dec. 3, 2007, James Johnson, a black, of accessory, who did admit guilt in a murder case in: "...failing to report the crime."

But, not until I read this story, 1-13-2011 Daily Dispatch, did I feel a concern in what warranted the interest of the NAACP of the missing bank bag.  I’m a former member of the NAACP. This case smacked more of State Crime, not a Federal Civil Rights Issue for which the NAACP was founded in 1909.

While the Sheriff, whose job it is to investigate, is black, there needs to be much more that should trigger a NAACP toe-hold regarding the missing "Bank Bag"?

Ironically, the NAACP was silent when given a sworn affidavit, a complaint which they ignored concerning a First Amendment, Free Speech, law enforcement abuse sent to members of the organization, including former Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, N.C.m President, a recipient of the Long Leaf Pine too, and in Vance County, Presidents Terry Morrison, Horace Bullock, former member of the U.S. Congress, Julian Bond as well as Benjamin Todd Jealous: NAACP CEO-Designate, were all asked to intercede. What gives?  Must be politics.

This Dispatch story about the Vance County Branch N.A.A.C.P’s was the front page in Daily Dispatch of Henderson, Aug. 27, 2009: "NAACP collecting complaints about police," which were to be sent to headquarters; and another article read:

"Have you experience or witnessed police misconduct or abuse? "...Police misconduct or abuse threatens the legitimacy fairness and effectiveness of our justice system..." Yes! Duh?

A February 2007 Historical copy of the Vance County Historical Society Newsletter publicized the ongoing "Jim Crow in Vance County History [1927-1941]: "...These crimes against black men were reported as front-page news, month after month, year in and year out...[the author of the VCHS News Letter wrote: "I wonder what it must have felt like to be a black man in those days..." Nothing’s changed.

Hey! and I’m a card carrying member. Well, I was.  I decided not to renew my membership.

Following my faxed written complaint to the NAACP, the most comforting thing received from Vance County Chapter, NAACP president Horace P. Bullock was his two sentence, November 9, 2009 letter: "...Mr. Young, you have done everything that I would have done..." signed "Horace P. Bullock, President.

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